West Lake Landfill, St. Louis,MO

“The emotional, physical, and mental toll this has taken on innocent families and children is beyond words. Your trust is shattered. Your innocence as a child of North County has been ripped out from under you by thinking you were being poisoned while riding your bike, swimming in your pool, playing kickball at the park. Your mind is paralyzed with the thoughts of cancer, and chronic illnesses. Your never home free!! Bottom line is….it just HURTS!!! Hurts that children were exposed , and it hurts that children continued to have the potential to be exposed.” —-K.N. West Lake Citizen

The area surrounding the West Lake Landfill in St. Louis, MO is a nuclear environmental catastrophe. It is a Superfund Site but like most Superfund Sites, it has not been cleaned up. The issues are deep and all stem from the making of the atomic bomb during the Manhattan Project. To understand the issues it is best to let the articles speak for themselves. I will be adding to this list as new articles appear. For information regarding radiation in the area, please consult the RadCast Reports on RadCast.org.

Most info and ongoing basis can be found here:
Just Moms STL https://www.facebook.com/westlakelandfill/?fref=ts

Best explanation of what the landfill is all about:

Exelon Says Feds Knew Radiation Waste Was Being Dumped at Landfill

Manhattan Project History in the St Louis and St Charles Area 1942 to Present Day

Nuclear Hotseat Episode #227http://nuclearhotseat.com/2015/10/28/nuclear-hotseat-227-special-st-louis-nuclear-nightmare-west-lake-radioactive-waste-fire-dr-caldicott-bob-alvarez-dawn-chapman/

NPR on West Lake Landfill: http://www.npr.org/2015/11/03/454010066/landfill-fire-threatens-nuclear-waste-site-outside-st-louis




From STL Newspaper! It’s Buyout Time in Bridgeton


GAME CHANGER?? Read THIS! Changing control from EPA to Corps of Army Engineers

Now what will the owners of West Lake Landfill Do????

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