Trusted Radioactive Free Sources

It is very important to find food sources that test specifically for radiation in food.

You will hear that companies “test” their food but you must ask what they test for. They will tell you chemicals or metals. Then you must ask if they test for radiation and how do they do that. If they cannot answer, they are not doing it. Here is a list of trusted sources for food which has been and will continue to be tested for radiation.

Vital Choice Foods

Remember that you can ask them for the foods that no longer have any traces whatsoever of radionuclides in their food. They should be able to show you the lab results.

This is a quote from Vital Choice Foods:

2012 tests proved reassuring
Sadly, U.S agencies have done little or no testing of Pacific seafood following the Fukushima accident, or more recently.
So we decided to test our own seafood, to ensure its safety for our customers … and our own families.

We reported the first radiation test results on March 31, 2012 … see “Vital Choice Fish Pass the Test with Flying Colors”.

In September of 2012, we re-tested, again with reassuring results: see “Radiation Tests Clear Vital Choice Fish … Again”.

Seaweed From Maine


I’ve personally been waiting to find a source for fish oil tested for radiation as I like to use fish oil on my dog Graycie’s food and I add it to protein drinks for myself and my family.  Many many thanks to DM, a RadCast Viewer who sent over the source for all of us!




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