Trusted Radioactive Free Restaurants

Very few restaurants are getting their West Coast foods tested specifically for radiation and isotope detection.

We will list here who is and who has received results so that you know you can trust the food you purchase from them. RadCast encourages all of you to demand that the stores you shop in, the restaurants you love to visit, all test for radionuclides in the food. You must demand this of them. The government will not do the testing for you.

RADCAST gives Kudos to Seagrass for its ethical decision!


First restaurant to ban Pacific Fish from its menu!

From Chef Robert Perez of Seagrass:

Even though scientists have said that the radiation in the ocean is now low, Perez isn’t buying it.

“The way things are heading, we just feel strongly that it is not safe, and I’m not going to consume the fish and I’m definitely not going to provide it to my guests. I just can’t do that with a clear conscience,” said Perez.


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