RADical Consciousness

We can no longer look at our world as we did before March 11, 2011. The events at Fukushima-Daichi Nuclear Power Plant caused an unending source of radioactive damage to our environment the likes of which has never been witnessed before.

RADical Consciousness is an educational format to help you understand the world as it is now, one in which what is invisible can cause you the greatest harm. How do deal with this new reality? You wake up!

The New World

Each week’s assignments will be posted here:

RadCast will become your “weather” map. When you see rain out your window, you will also check in about how much radiation is in the rain in your area, if any. You will dress appropriately for the Rad weather, not just the wet weather. You will decide if your children will go out to play soccer on that day or come home from school and stay inside.

And when it isn’t raining and the sun is shining? You will check in about how much radiation is in the air on that day to decide how long to stay outside. To go on that hike or not. To swim in the ocean or not. And of course that leads to another piece of education or RADical Consciousness; the oceans. The list goes on from there. Peruse RadCast and RADical Consciousness daily for updates on what we feel you might really want to know. And write to us about about what YOU want to know.

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