RADiation Science Lessons

Citizen Science For A Nuclear World

Hello fellow citizens of the world!  My name is Patrick Andrew Parris.  I am a blessed husband, a proud father of four wonderful children, a science teacher and a concerned citizen-scientist living in San Antonio, Texas.  I am very much aware of the many perils facing our species and the other life forms inhabiting this planet.  As a forest ecologist by training, I appreciate but don’t fully understand the complexities of the multitude of interactions between the living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) components of our home, Earth.  Through the course of human history, people have exploited the natural beauty and resources of this precious and rare jewel of a planet.  Some of the justifications for doing this are good, and some are not.

Human knowledge is by its very nature, imperfect and limited, and the development and application of this knowledge through science and technology is both one of the highest forms of human expression and a double-edged sword that gives some of us the wonderful conveniences of modern life but presents all of us with consequences that endanger our well-being and survival as a species.  It is my hope through this series of articles to educate, inspire and motivate not only myself but also everyone who reads them.  I will begin with a brief overview of nuclear science and its development.

“Live long and prosper!”

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