Carolyn and Mimi German of discuss the birth of the Nuclear Age 70 years ago this week and the consequences for the planet since then.

Cindy Sheehan interviews Mimi German on Soapbox 10/26/2014

No Nukes Northwest Facebook Page

LIFEBOAT HOUR – 09/14/14

Carolyn and Mimi German discuss, Fukushima, nuclear accidents, and all things nuclear worldwide and her website,

April 13, 2014 Mimi German and Carolyn Baker on Michael Ruppert’s Lifeboat Hour. Michael took his own life following this show. This was Michael’s last show.

Mimi German on the Lifeboat Hour with Mike Ruppert Feb,9th 2014

Mimi German from talks to Vibin’ Higher about radiation, Fukushima, and steps that you and your family can take to prevent being exposed to radiation.


Nuclear Hotseat #133: SKY NOT FALLING! Debunking False Info w/Bonner of Safecast, German of RadCast With host Libbe HaLevy

Mimi German of RadCast talks about the psychology of the anti-nuclear echo chamber and what we need to do to stay centered, grounded and accurate in interpreting radiation numbers. Listen Here


Mike Ruppert and Mimi German -

Radiation 101

“This is a must-listen show from Mike Ruppert. He lists the three things that are threatening life on the planet and why nothing else is of any more than relative importance. He also explains why he is pulling away from day-to-day involvement with Facebook He is joined by Mimi German of Radcast who gives the clearest exposition of what is happening because of Fukushima and everything that anyone wants ot know about reading radiation levels where you live. She provides the clearest contextualisation that I have heard on this subject.” ~ Robin Westerna


Abby Martin Interviews  Mimi German

Radiation Disinformation at Fukushima



Thom Hartman interviews citizen activist Mimi German, founder of NO.NUKES.NW and

Find Out What the Fukushima Fallout is on the West Coast

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Mimi German, Helen Caldicott, Janine Bandcroft Dec 16, 2013

“Mimi German is an Oregon-based citizen activist with the grassroots group No Nukes Northwest, and founder of Because the government won’t move to provide information she deems essential for public health and safety, a network of monitoring stations to keep an eye on radiation levels from California to Alaska has been formed; and, they’ve have hooked up with like-minded activists farther afield too. Mimi German in the first half. And; Dr. Helen Caldicott is a physician, author, and lecturer, who has for more than thirty years studied, written, and campaigned against the proliferation of nuclear weapons and their derivatives, delivering impassioned speeches and making imprecations to both the suited and unsuitable politicians and power-brokers overseeing the precarious atomic tinderbox reality of our modern lives. Dr. Caldicott’s book titles include: ‘If You Love This Planet,’ ‘Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer,’The New Nuclear Danger,’ ‘Depleted Uranium: Metal of Dishonour,’ and ‘If You Love This Planet: A Plan to Heal the Earth.” ~  Chris Cook Link to MP3 Here 

A panel on Nuclear issues affecting the NW region in light of the recent Fukushima disaster.

Published on Dec 31, 2013

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