Purchase Meters

MESSAGE:  The US Gov also purchases geiger counters and those could create issues w/ the supplies from the companies we use.  If you want a meter, we suggest you buy one soon. 

To purchase the Inspector Alert please contact Mimi for the discount coupon when you are ready to buy. The discount coupon is where the savings are for this wonderful meter.


For the Mazur 9000, a meter RadCast loves, please use this link:


To purchase the Radiation Alert® Inspector USB, please contact SE International directly @ 931.964.3561. Please mention RadCast when  purchasing the unit, as a portion of the proceeds will go to supporting the RadCast organization.


To purchase a SOEKS meter please click here. We recommend the Ecotester but choose what you like.


TO VIEW MORE ON METERS please go to Geiger Counters.


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