Hey folks! Here are the meters that we will be using on our RadCast Map and on our RadCast Reports. Check them out. We do have discount coupons for the Inspector Alert from Medcom. All of the meters are great and each one is slightly different.

The Inspector Alert is an all around great meter. Mimi of RadCast uses it as well as the Mazur 9000. It does not come with software but RadCast will have free software for you soon which can be utilized on a Mac or PC with this or any other meter.

The Inspector USB comes with it’s software. It is almost identical to the Alert.

The Mazur 9000 has the ability to take readings and store them within the meter for many long hours and then have the data transferred when you are ready, to a computer. It also has a GPS unit within which helps to identify sites.

The SOEKS has models which, while not detecting Alpha, read radiation doses very well. The advantage for some with the SOEKS is that it is less expensive than the others.

No frills. Easy to use. Easy to understand. This is the Inspector Alert from International Medcom. Medcom AlertInternational Medcom has given us some discount coupons to give to you when you are ready to purchase the Inspector Alert. In order to keep track of the coupons, you will have to notify us upon your readiness to order and you will receive the coupon and deep discount from Medcom. Then you go their online store and order. Easy as that.



Radiation Alert® Inspector USB  Inspector USB

The second one is also really easy but also comes w/ software for your computer so you can keep records and graphs if that’s what you want to do. Remember, RadCast will also be keeping records for you and all of us as well which are open source material for anyone who want to see them. For this one, call SE International on the phone. They do not have an online store. To purchase the Radiation Alert® Inspector USB, please contact SE International directly @ 931.964.3561. Please mention RadCast when  purchasing the unit, as a portion of the proceeds will go to supporting the RadCast organization. The money goes to paying for computer space, hosting, servers, all kinds of things and it is a great help to us. So please do make sure they know you are coming via RadCast. And thank you for participating in helping us to get donations as we are a volunteer group.



The Mazur PRM-9000

It can do so much. Readings all day long stored for you until you are ready to upload the data to your computer. And with GPS. A very sensitive meter!





We have had a lot of requests for a meter which good to buy but was less expensive. This meter will do the job. Just go to the link and order. If you need help deciding what model to get, advise the Eco-Tester.



If you need any help at all or want to talk to us or the tech team to help you learn about taking your averages, please email us at We will always be quick about getting back to you.

All of these companies have decided to help RadCast get a leg up with the new website and all of the computing needs that we still need to purchase. If you want to help out further, please let them know you are from RadCast and that helps us out a lot. We thank you for that. No one here gets paid. But the computer needs have to get met and paid for by donations. So thank you very much.

If there are other meters you are interested in, we are most happy to talk to you about those, but this page is specific to these meters.



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