Earth Quake Risk Factors for CGS

The safety of the Columbia Generating Station regarding earthquakes was based on outdated, antiquated information. As it turns out, CGS sits on the Hanford Reserve, ten miles from the Hanford Nuclear Site on TWELVE fault lines. The NRC did not want to hear what we had to say about this so we had the geology team at the University of WA conduct a new study to see just how “fit” CGS really would be when we have The Big One which is supposed to happen, according to all science, sometime within the next fifty years.

The results are as we expected. CGS would not hold up under a larger earthquake at all. CGS is a Mark ll GE BWR almost identical to the Reactors which blew on 311. CGS has double the amount of fuel rods in its fuel pool as did Fukushima.

Please follow the links for the main report, letters to the NRC and more all surrounding the lack of a safety net for the citizens of the NW and beyond.



Quake Risks Look More Severe on Hanford Site

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