Linda Seeley

I first heard about Linda Seeley very late in the anti-nuke movement. She had co-founded Mothers For Peace decades ago and I had asked her to come speak at our event about Hanford for what we called A15 in 2012. She couldn’t make that event but I later met this phenomenal woman in January of 2015 in San Luis Obisbo at the Strategy Sessions for Shutting Down Diablo Canyon.

There was one particular moment during the sessions when I knew that Linda was a true hero of mine. ¬†There was a speaker who was going on and on about how we will never get anywhere following the course of action we were all taking, unless we did as he said. He was of course, totally out of line and Linda came in from outside, told him he was out of line and pushing his own agenda on us. He tried to cut her off and make excuses and Linda made him leave the microphone and sit down or leave. It was Linda’s truth and Linda’s strength and Linda’s brilliance both in action and in light which steered the sessions back on track. Linda is afraid of no one and walks with the understanding that nuclear power must be shut down!

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Mother's For Peace/Linda Seeley


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