Economic Analysis of CGS

This analysis proves without a doubt that Energy NW, the not-so-good folks who run the Columbia Generating Station are ripping off the people of the NW with their lies about cost effectiveness of this nuclear power plant. This is a very long report by Robert McCullough. Mr. McCullough is one of the leading economists in the world today and while he is on the board of the Reed College Nuclear Reactor and is himself pro-nuclear, he has assessed that we would be MUCH better off turning off this reactor and looking at alternatives that we already have in place in the NW through Bonneville Power.

I will also post the reaction to Mr. McCullough’s report by Energy NW so you can see how they are trying to keep the lie going.

Economic Analysis of the Columbia Generating Station by McCullough Research

From the Business Wire Berkshire Hathaway CompanyNew Report: Ratepayers Could Save $1.7 Billion if Aging Nuclear Plant at Hanford, Washington is Closed

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From Sustainable Business OR Report: Shuttering Hanford-area nuclear plant would save $1.7B

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McCullough Research Reports

Willamette Week of Portland Responds

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