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“GE, the third largest corporation in the world, has designed and built dozens of nuclear reactors around the world since 1958, including six at Fukushima, as well as the Northwest’s only nuclear power plant, the Columbia Generating Station located on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Washington — some 150 miles east of Portland and Seattle.” ~ By paul.koberstein

bwrThe Columbia Generating Station. CGS. Our #2 nemesis in the NW. CGS is the only working nuclear power plant in the NW and it is a very big secret. Go ahead…ask folks if we have a nuclear power plant in the NW. They will answer you this way…”Oh, Hanford?I thought that was closed down.” This is a sad but all too true reflection on what happens when the DOE and US GOV do not want you to know not only what is in your backyard, but also that it can kill you slowly or in an instant.

CGS. Where to begin. CGS started back in the mid 70′s, cost close to 4.5 billion bucks and out of the 5 reactors they were working on building, they got one out of the deal. And now we deal with that.

I will not go into depth here about CGS. But I will give you articles written by members of our Coalition to Shut Down CGS which explain EVERYTHING and as well, will provide all of the new documents that we have regarding the UNsafe goings on at CGS.

HOW DO YOU SHUT DOWN A NUCLEAR REACTOR IN YOUR BACK YARD? Read the documents. Read the articles. This is how a community serious about shutting down a neighborhood reactor does it. We also have the fine example from the San Onofre folks who were incredibly successful in shutting down that Reactor.

While we have not completed our work yet shutting down CGS, we are well on our way and dedicated to see our work and vision completed. WE are No Nukes NW, The Sierra Club NW, Physicians for Social Responsibility OR/WA, Alliance for Democracy, Heart of America, Columbia River Keeper, Beyond Nuclear and span the NW cities of Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver BC.

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