Loose Nukes

power-plant-1.siNUCLEAR ACCIDENT IN UKRAINE: read full article HERE and HERE. As of Jan.10, see updates here.

November 28th
Tyshenko 8:12 PM- Vasili what the hell is going on over there?
8:24- Tyshenko- Why aren’t you answering?
8:58- Torbayevsky- Vacheslav Alexaivich, forgive me I didn’t answer. We have an emergency. The Third Unit shut down. I am already there. Ignatchencho is with me. Krasnogorov is coming.
Tyshenko- Fuck! Why the hell didn’t you tell me immediately? Do you understand the danger this will mean for us? We will be thrown in prison, you as well. Leaving now, will be there in ½ our.
Torbayevsky- Need to contact Chech specialists from Skoda. Its their equipment.