RadCast Responds to Rupert Myers

The Article : The more we learn about nuclear past, the more an ‘accident’ seems likely  By Rupert Myers

RadCast Response:

Ah, the old “the more an ‘accident’ seems likely” as if we’ve had none to date and as if we can speak about nuclear events without talking about where we’ve been, what we have experienced, and what will become.

Dialogue about nuclear accidents must mention that nuclear accidents are not just about the what-ifs regarding bombs and governments, but also about nuclear plants and nuclear waste sites which have already killed millions. Human error. Can it happen? It did happen. It happened when a few humans decided to play with fire and create the Manhattan Project which created Hanford, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Bomb Testing, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and in a big part with the great participation of natural events, Fukushima-Daichi. Nuclear Power is human error in its original thought form. Nuclear Bomb, again, human error. What other species is there that could and would create a way to destroy itself intentionally? As far as I know, none. Just humans. Was it for greed, profit, power, all of the these, or was it just to see what we could do in the name of science? Well, none of that matters anymore. Nuclear Power has created death and will continue to do so, be it from nuke plants, dumps or governments who put drunks in the position of power to run them.

Clearly, we are not and never “CAN” be ready for nuclear consequences, as asked in the website link to this article. We are living now with the consequence of nuclear “waste” which isn’t waste…it’s more nuclear material. And clearly we aren’t living w/ the consequences of nuclear power as the tragedies which have unfolded and will continue to do so, kill us as they happen; we think, those of who have survived, we think we are survivors. If you consider part of your offspring as the future, then there really is no survival for those whose DNA has been affected. And we won’t know that until the deformed new generations are born if they can be born.

For me, the question of “Are we ready for nuclear accidents” is not even a valid question. It makes two assumptions, the first of which being that we have not been here before regarding major nuclear events (refer to Hiroshima,Nagasaki, Bomb Tests,TMI,Chernobyl, Fukushima-Daichi). Millions have died and we still deal with the nuclear jet stream dropping radiated fallout while continuing to have our terrestrial radiation issues in NV,AZ,NM,CO,ID,WA,TN,PA,NY,MA from nuclear leaks and nuclear dumps. The second assumption is that we could be ready, as if we could handle a challenge which first, has already been proven more deadly than we could ever handle, and secondly, that we have never tried to deal with as if it hasn’t happened,

There is no FEMA or Emergency Management for nuclear events. Look at Fukushima. We can’t even get robots, let alone humans near the buildings due to the radiological heat. Duck and Cover was ironically the most poignant directive satirically speaking, that we were going to get. There is no ‘Readiness’ for nuclear events. The only readiness is death and the only preparation for readiness is to prepare yourself for death. To think otherwise is to honestly either not know what you are talking about or to accept your own denial as to the total destruction nukes have and can cause as your personal truth while you keep blinders on your eyes. To say that nukes are cheap, clean and safe….well, it certainly doesn’t make it true.

“There is no knowing how professional the launch officers of other nuclear states are, or how they would react to a nuclear incident.” Not true. While not a ‘nuclear bomb’ we have seen what can happen. It happened at Chernobyl when human error created a melt down. Read the reports there. The point isn’t how professional the officers are; no, the point is that once something catastrophic occurs, it no longer matters. Death will ensue. The point of how one reacts become moot, completely irrelevant. What follows is exactly that; what follows. Great sickness, cancers and death. Not just to us breathing and living now on the planet, but to the future generations coming from your newly altered DNA.

So I ask that we stop pretending that there is a way to remedy our current situation. As far as I can tell, all we have now are a few actions left available to us; we can come together as citizens with a proper thought to immediately begin the process of closure on all nuke plants world-wide and at the same time, cease immediately the perpetuation of the lie that we haven’t seen the worst yet and that perhaps there is an answer other than what has been stated here. It is time to cease immediately the LIE that eating from the Pacific is safe. It is time to learn the truth about just how radiated we became, especially but not exclusively on the West Coast in the days following the beginning of the disaster at Fukushima-Daichi (311).

If you believe at this point that there is a separation between nuclear arms and nuclear power and that one is more prevalent or more harmful than the other, AND you think we can avoid death by using the threat of death as a deterrent, then by all means, do not begin to re-think your process. You have already traveled down the rabbit hole. It is beyond time to stop creating new nuclear plants. It is beyond the time to stop re-licensing the old plants. It is time to decide how we really would like to create a future where life currently on the planet has a moment to live out it’s true duration. I know in my heart, and this is far less than a scientific statement, that nukes are not the way to perpetuate life on this planet. Try to argue that point. And if perpetuating life isn’t what you want to do, well then perhaps you can ask yourself why. That is between you and your own conscience.

Mimi German