RadioProtection in a Radioactive World – Essential Oils

RadioProtection in a Radioactive World – Essential Oils Part 1
March 7, 2014 at 10:41pm
RadioProtection in a Radioactive World – Essential Oils

by Marushka France

I have been researching and writing in ernest about the hazards of man-made radioisotopes in our environment since “311” – when the Fukushima nuclear accident occurred. Exposure to radiation accelerates aging – of every cell, every biological function. This is true of all species and all inanimate objects. This is why aging nuclear plants become exponentially more hazardous as they get older. Dr. Alexey Yablokov spoke of this in a radio interview in March 2011.1 Accelerated aging due to radiation exposure, increased mutations and a long list of damaging effects on all living creatures is well-known. It is not my task here to elucidate that extensively, but instead to limit myself to an overview and, specifically, finding solutions to living – literally – and hopefully, enhance not just survival, but to improve our long-term outcome in a radioactive world:

“It is now the 20th anniversary of the accident and in the West nothing has
changed. It as if none of these events ever occurred. Children continue to die of
cancer near nuclear polluted sites, which still continue to release fission-product
radioisotopes under licenses based on the IRCP model. Court cases are still lost by
the enraged and desperate parents because judges still believe that the doses to the
children were too low. Scientists on government committees still talk about
‘absorbed dose’ as if it were a meaningful concept for internal irradiation. The
Emperor still wears his new clothes.
The evidence from the Chernobyl affected territories, presented here in
these chapters, reveals the real-world consequences of a simple and terrible new
discovery: that the effects of low dose internal irradiation cause subtle changes in
the genome that result in an increase in the general mutation rate. This genomic
instability was first seen in cells in the laboratory. The Chernobyl evidence,
presented here, shows that this seems to be true for all species, for plants and
animals and humans. It has profound implications that go beyond radiation
protection and risk models. In the review paper by Krysanov in this collection we
find that mice living in the high irradiation zone, 22 generations after the initial
exposure, are more radiosensitive than mice living in lower exposure areas. The
same effect is reported for plants by Grodzhinsky who wryly points out that plants
cannot exhibit the ‘radiophobia’ that many of the Chernobyl effects have been
blamed on. This flies in the face of current ideas about genetic selection.
The effects of genomic instability are apparent in the evidence of massive
harm to the organs and systems of living creatures at low doses of internal
exposure, resulting in a kind of radiation ageing associated with random mutations
in all cells.”2

Post-Chernobyl there were three cancer waves: thyroid, breast, leukemia. Radiation’s swiftest path is to the thyroid gland… first nodules form and many of those then turn cancerous. This has been found to be true in the real world experience at Chernobyl and in the laboratory, confirming it.3 Cancer is actually a small part of the disaster to life. For an extensive, well-researched compilation of the effects of radiation, I would suggest taking the time to read every page of “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment,” 4 Looking for any glimpses of ‘good news’ among the overwhelming damage due to radiation exposure, I have found a few things that stood out to me:

“It is known that Japanese juvenile atomic bomb victims suffer from diseases of the blood forming organs 10 times more often than control groups, even in the second and third generations (Furitsu et al., 1992). Thus it can be expected that, following the Chernobyl catastrophe, several more generations will develop blood-forming diseases as a result of the radiation.”5

“Concentrations of total carotenoids and vitamins A and E in the yolks of the great tit (Parus major) were depressed in the 10-km zone as compared to concentrations in a less contaminated Ukrainian area or in France. There was reduced hatching in boxes with high levels of radiation…. These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that radioactive contamination reduces levels of dietary antioxidants in yolks, resulting in negative consequences for hatching and reproductive success (Møller et al., 2008b).”6

In human populations, they found increased iron deficiency, decreased Vitamins A and E in babies’ blood, lower bioantioxidants.7 There is ample evidence that shows that supplemenation is ‘radioprotective’. It is important that these be delivered throughout the day, so that the body is constantly provided with resilience… radiation doesn’t take ‘time-off’. “Super B” from Young Living and “Essentialzyme” are two products I am taking for broad spectrum B vitamins boosted with essential oils and without too high a dose of vitamins B, which are necessary for digestion and assimilation of nutrition, including essential oils, without the digestion problems that can come with ‘mega’ doses of vitamin B; and Essentialzyme which comes in two capsules, aids digestion of different foods and the essential oils – fruits, vegetables, proteins – that occur at different times in the digestive tract. (Take with 2 main meals of day.) Due to the depletion of our soils and the use of agricultural chemicals, it is advisable to supplement our body’s needs. Organic food is not enough. Radioisotopes are global, man-made, lethal, and unavoidable in our food and water (and atmosphere). We need more concentrated and essential plant oils.

The essential qualities of plants – d-limonene, sesqueritenes, monoterpenes, gallic acids, flavanoids and more – have been used for centuries for their healing qualities. They are easily assimilated by our bodies, and have proven benefits.

Focusing solely on radiation and bolstering resilience to the effects:

I. Avoid contamination altogether – which is getting more diffcult all the time.
The ongoing problems of radioisotopes spewing from Fukushima 8 and all nuclear power plants, and reprocessing plants continue… and the recent nuclear accident at the WIPP plant near Carlsbad, NM underscores our challenges.9 We must be proactive. A. Clean your water :
Taking radiation out also removes minerals that used to be a good thing… stripping water means we should pay more attention to micronutrients that our bodies need to live at optimal levels. Essential oils can provide very much needed boost to health. B. Clean food issues are addressed in a broader look at what we can do:

II. Get Rads (Cesium mostly) you consume out of your digestive tract — DECORPORAION –NEW IMPORTANT INFO

III. Supplementation to

A. block absorption of rads
Dr. Christopher Busby recommends Calcium 850mg/Magnesium 350mg,
plus anti-oxidants and an array of minerals.

B. Provide the Vital Plant Elements and Assimilation capabilities: to help strengthen the immune response, and bolster cellular repair… Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are especially useful. Monoterpenes10 as an example, are known to be chemopreventive, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidants, anti-aging… My point is that the essential nature of plants is to nourish and heal. The quality is crucially important.

Dr. Mousseau conducted bird studies11 post Chernobyl and found those with higher antioxidant levels were more resilient to radioisotope exposure. “A deficiency of antioxidants such as carotenoids and vitamins A and E increase the DNA damage caused by free radicals; radiation produces free radicals that are removed by antioxidants, resulting in depletion of antioxidants l thuseaving few reserves for metabolic activity and may be one factor responsible for increased levels of mutation… while the alternative factor is the direct effects of radiation on mutations. “Antioxidants are important biochemicals that provide protection against the damaging effects of free radicals on DNA and other molecules… as seen in people exposed. However, such effects are reversible because supplementation with b-carotene and vitamins A and E can reduce the effect of the lip o-peroxidative cascade among individuals so subjected. Administration of antioxidants such as Vitamin E to subjects reduced the effects of radiation on immunity.”

A specific recommendation is made for “Daily addition of antioxidants-vitamins A, C, E and trace elements Zn, Co, Cu and Se12 Consulting “Essential Oils Desk Reference, 3rd Edition and then also PubMed research, I have winnowed down over 140 possible essential oils for inclusion.

Yablokov et al, repeatedly indicated what did help: “system of antioxidants, increased oxygenation, enhances supplementation, absorption of protective substances and increases repair of tissue.” 13
“3. A diet to protect against radioactive contamination should include uncontaminated fruits and vegetables, those rich in pectin, and those with high-fiber complexes to promote the rapid elimination of radionuclides.
4. High intake of fluids including fruit drinks helps promote excretion of contaminants in urine.
5. Daily addition of antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E, and the trace elements Zn, Co, Cu, and Se) is recommended.”14


Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are produced by Young Living without chemicals or additives found in many other products on the market. A particular plant species showing the most promise is cultivated, the best time for collection and distilling is developed over trials of harvesting and distillation; batches tested until the optimum plant, species, soils development, harvest time and distillation is found. That is the gold standard for Young Living. The importance of true therapeutic grade cannot be overstated. The benefits of essential oils holds great promise for re-discovering the protective and healing benefits!

Ctirus oils (d-limonene) are anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-tumoral and much more: Orange, Lemon and Lime top the list 15 Clove is an especially powerful anti-oxidant. A component of the radio protective quality of citrus oils is hesperidin16. [Clove is not for all people. In Aryuvedic medicine it is not fore 'fire' types. Not for children.24

Clove, Cinnamon, Cumin and Cardamon are anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and show remarkable properties for combating multi-drug resistance.17 Read more on dilution >>>

Citronella (powerful anti-oxidant) and Cedarwood (I like to mix them) combine a powerful antioxidant with a kidney/bladder cleanser, pituitary gland stimulant, respectfully. A bonus for using Citronella is that it enhances the skin absorption of essential oils you use with it. Additional notes on Cedarwood: It combats hair loss, stimulates lymphatic system, used to treat ADD and ADHD – it is calming and purifying. Cedarwood stimulates the limbic region of the brain, stimulates the pineal gland, which releases melatonin.18 Bonus, melatonin is radio protective.19 As I said, Citronella enhances absorption of essential oils it is used with; Peppermint also has radio protective properties20, also enhances the power of other essential oils.

Citrus oils should be used in combination with a vegetable oil - a 50:50 solution - whether applied to skin (topical) or digested via a 00 capsule. Young Living has a blend of 6 vegetable oils “V-6” for that purpose. I use it topically and use olive oil for the capsules. Clove, Cinnamon and Cumin are recommended to mix in ratios 1 part EO (Essential Oil) to 4 parts VO (Vegetable Oil). Cardamon and Citronella, like Citrus oils, are 1 part EO to 1 part VO (50:50) and Cedarwood can be used “NEAT” - no dilution.It's best to rotate the oils, using one no more than 3 to 4 weeks out of 90 days, to maintain their efficacy. Mixing oils to your content is encouraged. Wonderful scents can also be soothing as well. Generally, one can use 7 drops with equal amount of a vegetable oil, like olive oil, in a 00 capsule, 2X/day. Can also increase as needed to 6 caps/day. For your own research, “Essential Oils Desk Reference” can be ordered from

Additional essential oils that are excellent anti-oxidants, and much more, are: Anise, German Chamomile, Clary Sage, Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra aka Sacred Frankincense by Young Living), Frankincense (Boswellia carteri), Eucalyptus, Fennel, Douglas Fir, Geranium, Ginger, Goldenrod and Hyssop (I still have I-Z to research further). Galbanum essential oil greatly enhances Sandalwood and Frankincense.

A special note on Fennel... FMSE (fennel seed methanolic extract) data showed the presence of different types of compounds such as flavanoids, terpenoids, alkaloids, phenols and sterols, estragol (71.99%) was predominant, gallic acid (18,89%) was the phenolic compound and L-limonene was the most prevalent monoterpene (11.97%.) It is these compounds, the types abundant in essential oils, that are radio protective. Concentrated essence of plants – radio protective. Mix and blend your own to your heart's content. I like to mix Citrus with Frankincense, plus or minus Citronella; or Citrus with Clove; I love Fennel; I wear Sandalwood and Rose as perfume.... make it yours.

“Administration of FSME [fennel] before irradiation exerted a cytoprotective effect against gamma irradiation, as manifested by a restoration of the MDA level, catalase activity, and GSH content to near-normal levels. FSME may have remarkable anticancer potential against a breast cancer cell line (MCF7) and liver cancer cell line (Hepg-2). It also showed strong free radical-scavenging activity (100%). Thus, FSME may reduce oxidative stress and protect cells from damage caused by reactive oxygen species. In addition, it could be used as a safe, effective, and easily accessible source of natural antioxidants…FSME also exhibited an anti tumor effect by modulating lipid peroxidation” and augmenting the antioxidant defense system … with or without exposure to radiation.”21

Essential oils that have proved effective in treating cancer (and I would argue, health enhancing and improving overall resilience to our toxic world) have many additional good qualities, too numerous to capture in a single article. Briefly… Sandalwood is the first choice for Cancer: The top 5: Sandalwood, Balsam Fir and Thyme tied for 2nd, Hyssop, Tsuga and Orange.22 For treating specific cancers, I will write a future, more specific article.

And an outstanding essential oils Young Living Blend that is a stand-out to me, especially relative to this subject, is Brain Power. Brain Power is high in sesquiterpene compounds that increase output of growth hormone and melatonin [radioprotective]. The oils help to dissolve petrochemicals that congest the receptor sites, clearing the ‘brain fog that people experience due to exposure to synthetic petrochemicals in food, skin and hair products, and air. [it is comprised of] Frankincense, Sandalwood, Melissa, Cedarwood, Blue Cypress, Lavender and Helichrysum.”23

Finally, 3 years ago, in response to Fukushima nuclear accident, Dr. Young formulated a combination of products called “Quad Shield”…………”QuadShield combines four potent Young Living products: Super C 120ct, Melrose 15ml, Longevity softgels 30ct and Thyromin Capsules 60ct. These products can have a synergistic, protective effect on your hormonal and immune systems.”

Many Blessings! Marushka France YL #843507 Reach me by PM on Facebook if you have questions. Always exercise due diligence on any source of essential oils… Consult the professionals you rely on.


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I would advise keeping also a hard copy now available at Greko Printing P:734.453.0341;

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copyright 2014 ______________________May All Beings Benefit! ————
Marushka France, Young Living Distrivutor #843507


RADCAST COMMENT: Many people are coming in to the site to see what they can do for themselves regarding nutrition and health in the midst of ionizing radiation. I am posting for you ideas that some people have which you may or may not find helpful. RadCast did not write these. It would be wonderful if the medical organizations would do this work for us, but they are not. So we have to dive in and see what might make sense. Use your own judgement.



September 12, 2013 at 4:44pm



BY Marushka France [last update 04 April 2014]


 “In our latest data analyses by March 10th of 2013, 1.25% of the entire items measured exceeded the threshold of 500Bq/kg, which was the government’s provisional criterion set right after the accident.  When the threshold level was revised to 100Bq/kg in April 2012, the percentage of those that exceeded the new criteria rose to 6.56%.  In the same manner, the percentage rose to 12.72% at 50Bq/kg; 35.25% at 10Bq/kg; 42.51% at 5Bq/kg. Radioactive Cesium was detected in 49.6% from 6889 samples.

“In Japan, Cesium levels standard is now 100Bq  ->> U.S.A. standard  1,200Bq’Kg!

This is nothing short of slow-acting disease and genocide –  Mass Murder!

FIRST RULE – Avoid contamination.  But the fallout and ongoing disaster at Fukushima, the legacy of nuclear bombs testing, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and ongoing discharges from al nukes… and the use of uranium in weapons, even in household goods and construction materials and global dumping in the oceans, and Fukushima – 3 nukes and spent fuel pools – ongoing catastrophe…  only YOU can start taking care of YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

“Children receive the highest doses, because the dose coefficients, in a 3 year old child, are 5 times higher than in adults.“ – Nesterenko, founder of BELRAD, Belarus. 

SECOND RULE –   Change bad fod into real food …. take matters into you own hands! Endure what you cannot change; change what you cannot endure.”~  Chinese anonymousWhen you can no longer avoid contaminated food, water, air  – (hint  - that time has come)


[Section] “12. Chernobyl’s Radioactive Contamination of Food and People

Alexey V. Nesterenko, Vassily B. Nesterenko, and Alexey V. Yablokov

In many European countries levels of I-131, Cs-134/137, Sr-90, and other radionuclides in milk, dairy products, vegetables, grains, meat, and fish increased drastically (sometimes as much as 1,000-fold) immediately after the catastrophe.Up until 1991 the United States imported food products with measurable amounts of Chernobyl radioactive contamination, mostly from Turkey, Italy, Austria, West Germany, Greece, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Sweden, and Denmark. These products included juices, cheeses, pasta,mushrooms, hazelnuts, sage, figs, tea, thyme, juniper, caraway seeds, and apricots.

[this same policy is being repeated relative to Fukushima --  contaminated food flowing into U.S. markets.... and many other countries!]

In Gomel, Mogilev, and Brest provinces in Belarus 7–8% of milk and 13–16% of other food products from small farms exceeded permissible levels of Cs-137, even as recently as 2005–2007. As of 2000, up to 90% of the wild berries and mushrooms exceeded permissible levels of Cs-137 in Rovno and Zhytomir provinces, Ukraine. Owing to weight and metabolic differences, a child’s radiation exposure is 3–5 times higher than that of an adult on the same diet. From 1995 to 2007, up to 90% of the children from heavily contaminated territories of Belarus had levels of Cs-137 accumulation higher than 15–20 Bq/kg, with maximum levels of up to 7,300 Bq/kg in Narovlya District, Gomel Province. Average levels of incorporated Cs-137 and Sr-90 in the heavily contaminated territories of Belarus, Ukraine, and European Russia did not decline, but rather increased from 1991 to 2005. Given that more than 90% of the current radiation fallout is due to Cs-137, with a half-life of about 30 years, we know that the contaminated areas will be dangerously radioactive for roughly the next three centuries.

However much money is allocated by any government for radiation protection (e.g., in Belarus in 2006 nearly $300 million was allocated to reduce radioactive contamination in agricultural production), no nation has the ability to provide total protection from radiation for populations living in contaminated areas and eating locally produced vegetables, forest products, and fish and game that are contaminated with radionuclides.

Thus it is of prime importance that radiation monitoring capability be established on the local level so that citizens have access to the information and the ability to monitor their own locally produced food and to actively participate in organizing and carrying out radiation protection. Too often, central data monitoring repositories have little incentive to ensure that people around the country get the information that they should have.”



[Cesium has not been 'behaving' as theoretical ideas proposed.  It remains much worse than 'expected' and.  Children in villages that were 80-90% healthy .....  now those same villages suffer.  Healthy children dropped to 20% and now dropping at or near ZERO.  To ignore this in Japan and the world, is to condemn populations to extinction --   living creatures in the sea, on land and in the air, and humananity will increasingly find the population suffering from disease, disability and lowered procreation... until no one is left to care for the incapacitated, and no one born that retains the ability to procreate!  This has already occurred in radiated populations.  Apocalypse is occurring at the cellular level]


 A)  EDUCATION….  RESEARCH  Yuri Bandashevski – who was imprisoned for protecting children and speaking out the truth. Here is his study (he lost much of his work, as some other guy took over his position in Belarus, and he fled Belarus; manufactured charges against him and his character, even imprisoned, but he and many scientists like him continued their studies to help people, for the sake of those suffering from contamination): Cesium directly harms the hearts of our children: MODIFICATIONS IN CARDIAC-VASCULAR SYSTEM OF CHILDREN, LIVING IN CONTAMINATED WITH RADIOISOTOPES — and other organs, like ADRENALS, contributing to a new finding… the spread of other chronic diseases, like diabetes, cataracts and new ones, like chronic fatigue, Chernobyl Heart, fibromyalgia….

“Why: we can rightly consider the Cesium-137 in relatively small doses (20-30 Bq/kg); a breach of the regulatory PAGE 2 – 3″

Dangerous to health: 20 Bequerel per Kg. Cesium directly harms the hearts of our children:


B)  TOOLS…..  TO MEASURE FOOD – WATER – SOILS and disseminate information: 

via Chernobyl Children Fukushima Children   “Geiger Counters are pretty useless if you want to deal with the real thing: Radionuclides in food. Air radiation is not representative for radionuclides in food and soil.

These are devices people should buy: and: and and:

27 Chernobyl years and people still don’t know this and do not measure their food.”


See comments for more info on soil amendments to block absorption

#2 CLEAN WATER  –    the three level filtration system is recommended for radionuclides…


additional info in comments section


#3  DECORPORATION - take contamination out of the body



…to flush out radioactive contamination, largely Cesium, from the gut —  stomach, intestines —  (again, the Chernobyl book below)  recommends 5 grams of food sourced Pectin (apple pectin, citrus pectin, apples, grapes, raisins… download the book… educate yourself… use ‘find’ function to zoom in on decorporation and soil amendments.. 5 grams/ 2x/day for an adult, for 21-28 days every QUARTER… this is  ESPECIALLY CRITICAL FOR CHILDREN!  This has changed>>



... I checked a couple places and confirmed that daily use of zeolite is not really a good idea.  Zeolite strips the body of essential elements …that’s why it strips Cesium– and it’s also why  decorporation is limited to a trial of 21-25 days usually, and the decorporation agent – apple pectin with grapes, raisins, seaweed… combo… provides additional trace elements and minerals… to combat that ‘stripping’ of elements.Limit zeolite use.Check with your health professional.CHILDREN need decorporation because they are MORE vulnerable.“Children receive the highest doses, because the dose coefficients, in a 3 year old child, are 5 times higher than in adults.“ – Nesterenko, founder of BELRAD, Belarus.BUT TOO MUCH strips the body of too much….  So make sure you are taking broad spectrum, Multi-Vitamin and Mineral – and Trace minerals…. at LEAST when going thru Decorporation!Again, check with a health professional.  Basics are 5 grams 2X/day for 21-25 days…  apple pectin with additional pectin from grapes, raisins, additional seaweed for trace elements… the formula for Vitapect can be a guide….



and distilled water!  The elegant simplicity for basic self-care…. 

Dr. Rosalie Bertell (the blessed lady Grey Nun and scientist)  recommended a very easy and inexpensive way to help rid the body of rads… distilled water.  please read (and remember, you need supplements, especially an array of micronutrients that spirulina is abundant in!)  THANK YOU Rosalie Bertell

“… You can also drink distilled water instead of either bottled or filtered or regular water. Distilled water will do the same thing in the body. It will tend to take out the unwanted inorganic chemicals. Another thing that is available generally is spirulina, which is a blue-green algae you can usually get in a health-food-store. That is also a mild chelating agent and will help to rid the body of some of these toxins, including depleted uranium.”


CLEANSING BATHS what I do… consult your health professional 

Definite Plus….  With Clay like Bentonite Clay or Baking Soda 1/2 c to 1 lb, start slow; soak for 20-30 mins, add hot water as need, pat dry, next morning shower off toxins on skin’s surface.  Stay hydrated… drink water, purify during and after to flush toxins released and to combat the heat of a long bath.  As much 6 nights/week and up to 3 weeks.For essential oils in bath for cleansing… must be with an salt bath – Epsom of Himalayan Salts….  a therapeutic grade oil, only 1 or 2 drops are needed for a bath.  Do a foot bath if you have trouble getting in and out of the tub.  Hydration.  Besure to blend the oil with the salts before going in… without salt, the oil would just float in a blob and that’s not the purpose.

#4 SUPPLEMENTS IN  – for the Body BLOCK  absorption of radionuclides — internal exposure far worse than external exposure.


Supplements for the body human: for adult 800 mg Calcium/ 350 mg Magnesium - blocks absorption of radionuclides strontium, plutonium and cesium.  (adults; 10yr old, half that)

The ratio is important (webmed recomends even higher amounts of calcium, just remember to keep the ratio calcium/magnesium, and D3 helps with calcium absorption.  (about half that for a 10 year old child)PLUS antioxidants and minerals micro-minerals...


(Mousseau, Chernobyl, Bird studies:   anti-oxidants help the body remain more resilient to the effects of contaminants.)


What I do: Vitamin C, 3-5 grams aka 3,000 – 5,000mg/day, Lecithin, and B-complex, Antioxidants:  A, E, D3…. broad array of Minerals.  Calcium/Magnesium as stated.


It is recommended to divide the daily dose into two or three… for example, a portion at each of three meals.  I also use essential oils quite often and a wide variety.  Therapeutic grade – based on European standards….  (i really want to write up info just on the benefits of essential oils!)I also do a cleanse every year;  I’m overdue;  SPRING IS EXCELLENT TO BEGIN.


** “Protect Yourself from Radiation”   Many Thanks to Charlie Skeen of Live Well Naturally website for this great article from his newsletter, 22 February 2010.–Radiation-2-22-10-.html


#5  SUPPLEMENTS for SOIL —  Soil Amendments – Seek out Local Farmers –

When other habits are formed, the next step is more control over your food..


 Form relationships with like-minded individuals and cooperatives to seek food grown  from your local farmers.  Clearly, organic is best This is a major portion of food reform, to be reasonably assured of much cleaner food.  Soil Amendments block absorption of radionuclides.  It is somewhat covered in ‘Chernobyl book’ and we could use more Russian language interpretaters.  A good deal more information is not yet translated.


Groups can buy equipment to measure crops, soils and water for real content:


For ideas on cooperatives check out: ‘Farms of Tomorrow – Revisited” and THE CALL OF THE LAND 2nd Edition  America’s Growing Agrarian Movement CSA= Community Supported Agriculture

Work with others in community, buy equipment in groups, family members or other community members — you can supplement with clean food.    You can work with a farmer for him to amend the soil, you agree on how many hours /week a family member will work to help out, agree on a price for how much of the crop.  Cooperatives or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) –  this is yet another process of natural selection for healthy, viable seed.”Farms of Tomorrow-Revisited” or

“Call of the Land” from Chiron-Communications  

GROW YOUR OWN FOOD – CLEAN FOOD:   if at all possible

A) see #1 for equipment to measure soil for radionuclides

B) build a greenhouse – protect from fallout – it’s still in the air, rain…

C) solar/windmill power

D)  amend soil with minerals — see recommendations in Chernobyl book—

E)  CLEAN WATER to water your crops….




TO BLOCK ABSORPTION OF RADIONUCLIDES  and devising multiple paths like a Greehouse – cooperatives – and part of a farm’s crop are all to secure your food supply.  Do Not Rely on solely one method.  Have more than one greenhouse, even if they are next to each other.  Grow dwarf fruit trees;  DO NOT CONSIDER MUSHROOMS unless the soils is clean, the water is clean — they are one of those foods that absorbs radionuclides more thanothers – HOWEVER – they do not ‘clean’ soil.  It turns out that radionuclides do not behave as predicted and it takes a lot longer than imagined to see contamination in soils to improve – they haven’t done much of that….

“Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”

#6 ACTIVISM – SOLDARITY - the greatest revolution is to grow your own food!


* join others, look for us on Facebook:  Evacuate Fukushima, C.A.N. Coalition Against Nukes; Rainbow Warriors, Nuclear Genocide

Keep writing your representatives to motivate the FDA, EPA to MONITOR AND INFORM THE PUBLIC:


ECRR = European Committee on Radiation Risk

Dr. Chris Busby, Scientific Secretary wrote Introduction.

book, 2006, was co-edited with Dr. Alexey Yablokov

“ECRR Chernobyl: 20 Years On”the book!! Spanish Report

ECRR: 2010 Recommendations of the European Commission on Radiation Risk

The Health Effects of Exposure to Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation

☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮  ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮

“CHERNOBYL BOOK”  has info on soil amendments and decorporation as well.

“Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”

Alexey Yablokov, Vasily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko


NY Academy of Sciences, Volume 1181, 2009.  5,000 Slavic language studies reviews, over 1,400 cited.


hard copy now available at Greko Printing P:734.453.0341; F: 734.453.5902;


Radioprotective Potential of Plants and Herbs

This is interesting info from a decent source. Because we haven’t had lots of time to experience plants and radioactivity, it’s difficult to say what will work and what won’t. We post the interesting ideas so that you can choose for yourself what you may want to use to attempt to mitigate the health disasters of ionizing radiation.


Radioprotective Potential of Plants and Herbs against the Effects of Ionizing Radiation


RadioProtection in a Radioactive World Part 2: Ensorbents – Decorporation

RadioProtection in a Radioactive World Part 2: Ensorbents – Decorporation

March 19, 2014 at 8:03pm

RadioProtection  in a Radioactive World Part 2: Ensorbents-Decorporation

Apple Pectin v SPIRULINA

I first consulted the ‘Chernobyl book’ for basic information:

“For ensorbents: activated charcoal, zeolite, Vitapect, Algisorbs, Etc.Also advisable: radioprotective antioxidants – vitamins A,C and E; Stabilizers of DNA Molecues – metal ions, chelates, flavonoids; metabolism cyanides, nitriles, azides, and, inhibiors and endotoxins and Adaptgens – immunostimulants – vitamins, microelements.”1

It was generally advised to NOT take ensorbents WITH your food, but in between meals. They are meant to be utilized 2-4X/year for a trial of 3-4 weeks, not year round. Ensorbents literally absorb whatever is in your intestinal tract for removal. It was advised that during trials of ensorbents/decorporation, vitamin and mineral supplementation was necessary to avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies. However, new information has come to light.

As for zeolites

Zeolite has a powerful stripping action that is apparently very good for environmental toxins like lead, mercury, gasses; but careful attention must be made to avoid mineral deficiencies like calcium and micronutrients. It is not advisable without supplementation and can be irritating to some people’s gastrointestinal tract – and general health – if taken inappropriately. Furthermore, the ensorbent regimine has been called into question.

Decorporation with Pectin NOT as beneficial as once believed

There are some indications that decorporation (trials of ensorbents) are not as effective as previously believed. In a March 2012 review of literature2, it was determined that the use of ensorbents – pectin specifically – was an improvement, but not to such a degree that it would be advised – not as reliable as previously thought. It appears that quite a few studies done by Belrad have been he main source of this stance, and Belrad also the producer of Vitapect, an apple pectin product long used in the aftermath of Chernobyl. Spirulina additive actually performed better. Overall – with Pectin reduction of 45.2% Spirulina 54.1%

Spirulina3 is a safe food supplement and has the added benefit of being a whole food and very safe. Spirulina is a cyanobacterium rich in chlorophyll.   CLEAN FOOD appears to have been the determining factor in previous studies:


On all studies, the results of decontamination on overall body dosimetry:

  • for pectin: – 45.2%, ranging from 22.0% to – 62.6%
  • for placebo and / or control group: 28.9%, ranging from -12% to -44.5%
  • for spirulina, even if it was not the subject of this work, two studies report the result: -54.1% (-54.9% and -26.8%)


For ACRO study also comparing urinary excretion between pectin and food control (for a stay in France), the results are similar between pectin (-63.8%) and the only food (-60.1%). It should be noted that this assessment was performed on only 32 of the 47 children for problems of urine during the second measurement collection (before returning to Belarus). However, the tested children are comparable in terms of age and sex treatment group.


 … If we compare all results for pectin, it should be noted the high variability of its effectiveness (22 to 62.6% reduction of the contamination). For all studies except one, the assessment is made by BELRAD who is also the promoter of one of the forms of pectin (Vitapect).”

We know that global radioisotope contamination from Fukushima as at least TRIPLED global exposure4. It’s a quite intelligent choice to be proactive about one’s health. There are things we CAN do. Spirulina supplementation and not apple pectin is one of them. Eating pectin containing foods like apples, raisins, grapes and some berries is a healthy option. It’s just not as beneficial as supplementation with spirulina.

Until the next installment…

Many Blessings! ~ Marushka France

Copyright 2014


1“Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment” byAlexey Yablokov, Vasily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko. NY Academy of Sciences, Volume 1181, 2009. 5,000 Slavic language studies reviews, over 1,400 cited.

hard copy now available at Greko Printing P:734.453.0341; pg 313.

2Efficacy of pectin to reduce the burden of cesium 137 addicts in children chronically: analysis of literature. Pr Laurent Gerbaud, Public Health Service Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand, Faculty of Medicine, University of Auvergne Clermont-PRES Université. Date of Preparation: March 2012.


4Ian Fairlie presentation at Tschernobyl Kongress, March 2014. Slide #29



Fukushima Fallout Awareness

Hi, my name is Kimberly Roberson and I’m a nutritionist and activist, an optimist, but I’m also a realist.  Surviving in a world with nuclear power and weapons is a daunting task when you think about it…and we need to think about it. Fukushima Daiichi has done many things, and not least has opened our eyes in the west to the threat of nuclear waste in our food supply.  Nuclear power and food do not mix.  But what are we to do?
I’ve thought about this pretty much 24/7 for the past three years and I’ve concluded that we need to two things:  One, be informed.  Civilizations have always been tested by crisis in one form or another. While Fukushima is, without a doubt, the greatest crisis we have faced, it’s a crisis that we need to face head on.  We’re talking trans-generational DNA damage that is caused by exposures to nuclear power.  While we all need to join forces and work towards renewables, this is one fact that the anti nuclear movement needs to be talking about more..transgenerational DNA damage.
Which brings me to the second thing:  taking action to protect our food supply. Because contrary to what most people believe, even organic food is not the safe haven we want it to be.  Organic is still best overall but it isn’t tested for nuclear waste. Organic food is great because it’s not sprayed with pesticides, or grown with GMO seeds, and is not allowed to be irradiated as a form of preserving the shelf life, but currently it is not tested for radiation from nuclear accidents.
Since Fukushima began we have been confronted with many questions where food is concerned and the potential for internal contamination of radionuclides.  For instance, and this is obvious,  is fish really good for us to eat any more?  As if mercury from industrial pollution wasn’t bad enough, now we know that Fukushima is continuing to dump hundreds of tons of radioactive water daily into the waters where fish spawn and travel to US waters.  Recently there were two studies that both showed that every blue fin tuna caught sampled for research tested positive for radioactive cesium.  And we know from the National Institutes of Health Bier VII report that there are no safe levels of radiation.  None.  So if you hear that it’s only a little bit of cesium in that tuna sandwich or sushi, stop and consider for a minute how you may be consuming more cesium from other sources too.   Radionuclides are dangerous  isotopes that are derived from plutonium, the most dangerous substance known.  Ingestion of these radionuclides are cumulative in the body and are mistaken for healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium.  Cesium affects heart muscle and other organs. Little girls are 7 times more susceptible to radiation in food, otherwise known as internal contamination due to radioactive cesium’s absorption by ovaries.
And another example, what about the healthiest, most digestible form of dairy, goats milk? Goat milk and cheeses have long been prized by health minded consumers, but now we know that even they are vulnerable to radioactive waste from nuclear industry production and accidents.  And more foods are being effected.  University of California School of Nuclear Engineers started testing at the end of March 2011: lettuces, spinach, cow’s milk, rainwater, groundwater and more and found cesium 137, strontium 90, and more in some or all of the samples collected. If you live in relative vicinity of a nuclear reactor and have a garden, you’re also growing food nearby to radiation emissions because they are an inherent function of nuclear power otherwise known as “planned batch releases”.  Nuclear power creates literally hundreds of harmful radionuclides and some with hazardous lives that last for tens of thousands of years or longer.  Experts at FFAN and Beyond Nuclear believe that much of our food  could still be safe, but without testing we don’t know for sure.
Clearly we are living in a different world now, one I think of as AF or After Fukushima.  And this new world requires new measures to protect ourselves from internal contamination.  Safe food isn’t handed to us on a silver platter, it’s necessary to become involved as citizens and work for safer food standards.  It is a real shame that more people not becoming aware and involved with nuclear power’s impact on our food supply, it’s been an uphill battle the last three years to awaken even some activists to this problem.  There are some in the anti-nuclear and environmental movements who think of food as somehow being separate from who we are..but we can’t separate our food from our health and environment.  In fact, food is one of the very few ways that we connect with the earth on a daily basis. For some people, that connection is stronger than others, depending on if you like processed food or whole food..but one thing was all have in common is that we need food..and we need it to be safe from nuclear power.
And in the end one thing is abundantly clear:  we can’t allow another Fukushima to happen, or another Chernobyl or another Three Mile Island or any of the nuclear accidents that take place every year.  So even while we fight for food monitoring in the US, we also need to continue to fight to shut down nukes and transition to renewable energy. Greenpeace released a report finding that for the first time, new installations of alternative energy outpaced dirty energy sources…not in production, but in new installations.  The production will follow.  And that’s why I’m optimistic.  To hurry the effort along, work is underway to  change the current FDA recommendations and to create much lower binding limits that will become even lower still  when new technology for food testing becomes available.  You can learn more about Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network’s Citizen Petition to FDA to change the regs at  Please become involved and make a difference.
I’ll be back in a few weeks with more information.  Every week there will be something new to consider.  Until then,
take care, take action, and keep the faith!