Lab Results May 19

1.Called to check in with Eurofins Lab in the US regarding the results of Loki Fish lab tests from 2013 in Seattle. This link shows the results and I am waiting for info back from the lab techs regarding the methods used.

Also waiting to hear back from the sales people at Eurofins to help explain to me to stores who sell fish, how the lab works on the money end of things. How much per test? What do the tests consist of? How much for additional tests, etc.

RESPONSES TO #1: From May 19. Got a call back from sales at Eurofins Lab. They test only for Cesium 134 and 137 as well as I-131. There is no mechanism in place there for tests for strontium, tritium or any other radionuclides so testing for more is not an option. Each test is $170 per. They test the fish wet which is a problem since water holds back rads;to get a real count and idea of what you see, you need to test the samples dried.  She told me she would check w/ the labs to be sure she was correct.

2. Waiting to hear back from the the WA Dept of Health to review the samples they tested for in 2013. Hope to hear back today.

RESPONSE to #2. Have a phone mtg w/ WA Dept of Health at 9 AM tomorrow morning to discuss the results from the 2013 tests.

3. Calling back the middle school where one of the students wrote a wonderful editorial letter to the editor of the Eugene newspaper in OR. They would not take my call last week. Attempt #2 with a strategic change of plans….