What Can I Do?? 3 Winning Strategies

Written by my friend Chuck McCune

3 winning strategies
In order of difficulty from easy to not easy

Cut your bill by 20% and you supplant the 20% nuclear contribution. you depress the market for nuclear and this alone could drive them out of business. requires no money whatsoever, just get up off ass and do it. @unplug nuclear is the answer, not for just one damn day though, live it Рconservation every day and we could win on this alone. support, share, and promote Joseph DeMare effort at unplug nuclear power, a great start. https://www.facebook.com/groups/108310856002089/

Renewable Energy
More costly but a very good deal, conserve and it will cost less with faster payback. become your own power company, individually and with your community – sustainable anarchy. another 20% of our energy production/consumption would be easy

Legal Actions
Only regulatory window left, but closing fast. s1240, waste confidence, foreign ownership, mobile chernobyl, smr’s, all done deals UNLESS we implement these 3 tactics. we need only look at wipp and the mixed dod and doe waste loophole, and the va nuclear consortium to see how they’re going to do it.